This Anti-Aging Exercise for Your Brain Is Backed by Science


Paolo Zerbini for Vogue Russia

Sure, Botox and expensive night creams are around to lend a hand with your appearance, but what about an anti-aging treatment for your brain? While known to continue growing by producing new cells well into adulthood, the brain is not immune to the inevitable downsides that come with aging (memory loss and the like), which scientists can physically detect in scans. Fortunately, there could be a way to turn back the hands of time when it comes to your thinker, and Inc. recently published an article that details a new study explaining the rather simple way to do so.

What's the secret to keeping your brain young? Meditation. Apparently, it promotes youth—seven years’ worth. So says research published by the British Psychological Society Research Digest blog, which evaluated the brains of 50 meditators against 50 non-meditators and found that the "experienced meditators have brains that appear 7.5 years younger, on average, than non-meditators." This could suggest that the practice could prevent the natural aging-associated brain cell loss. The research, though, is not definitive as people who regularly meditate could also participate in other healthy lifestyle choices that may play a part in the brain's youthful appearance. Either way, we think it's worth a shot.

Do you believe meditation could be the answer a more youthful brain? If so, start STAT with this beginner's guide to meditation from Gabby Bernstein.