7 Hacks to Make Your Old iPhone Last

Technology moves pretty fast. Keeping up the Joneses in the smartphone game can be a pricey (and constant) venture. Upgrades often come with two-year contracts, extra fees, or a hefty price tag. If you're looking to hold onto your old iPhone a little longer, take heart. Time reports with a few ultra-easy tips, you can extend the life and speed of your current device:

Re-Install Your Apps

If you've had your phone awhile, odds are you are carting around some unessential data. Check out your most used apps in the usage tap of general settings. Delete apps you don't need altogether. For your most used, clear the cache by deleting and reinstalling. Your phone will run more efficiently without the extra baggage.

Edit Location Services

Not every app uses GPS. Disabling location services for apps that don't need to pinpoint your location to function will extend battery life. Go to your privacy settings and individually toggle which apps you want to use GPS and how often.

Downsize Your Camera Roll

Photos take up a large amount of memory on your device, and a good cull will free up your hard drive. Back up your camera roll regularly, and especially keep your number of videos low, as they take up the most storage.

Buy the Right Case

Investing in a protective case or screen protector will keep your hardware in check. Avoid the added expense and inconvenience of a broken or scratched screen with a single preemptive strike.

Disable Background App Refresh

Instead of manually closing out of each app when you finish using it, simply disable Background App Refresh in your general settings. This will allow only the app you're currently using to refresh its content. It won't save a ton of space, but if you're running with an older phone, it could make a difference. Be sure to keep apps like Maps and Spotify enabled, however—you may not want your playlist to pause while you're checking Instagram.

Restore Factory Settings

If you really want to get your phone as good as new, reset the hard drive and RAM. Restoring factory settings will completely clear out any battery-sucking damage you may have accrued. Just be sure you've properly backed up before pulling the trigger on a full refresh.

Turn Down Animation Features

Free up some processing power and add to your battery life by turning off features like rendering animations. Their benefit is purely aesthetic and can tax an older phone. Go to general settings and select Reduce Motion from the accessibility panel. To further adjust graphics you can select the Increase Contrast option. Activating Reduce Transparency will further simplify your current iOS.

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