You Can Invite True Love Into Your Life Today—Here's How

Updated 02/25/17
Christian Vierig /Getty Images

Earlier this week, MyDomaine did a live relationship Q&A on Instagram with Carolyn Harrington, energy healer and founder of Maty's Healthy Products. I used this as an opportunity to ask one of my burning relationship questions: Is the whole it'll happen when you least expect it adage good advice? Or are you better off actively anticipating the kind of love you're looking for? 

Harrington's answer aligned with Danielle Dowling's, a psychologist, life coach, and writer for Mindbodygreen. The two essentially believe that you can manifest true love in your life by way of positive thinking, intention setting, and self-acceptance. "Your thoughts are so powerful," reads Harrington's Instagram response to my inquiry. "Way more powerful than you think. If you want love and want to attract it, you have to expect it for yourself. It will happen when the time is right. When you expect love, beautiful things will happen." 

Similarly, Dowling believes that you must mentally open yourself up to love, determine what you want and why you want it, focus on positive feelings, and let things play out naturally. "You have shifted your mindset, you have gotten clear on what you want," she explains. "Now, your only job is to stay open to what's possible, to stay curious about the signs, and to proactively pursue the right opportunities, knowing that the love you're destined to receive is on its way to you." 

Do you agree that you can manifest true love? Share your thoughts with us below.

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