So This Is How the Swedes Make a Tiny Apartment Look Spacious

In every home, clutter accumulates quickly: Magazine subscriptions pile up, shoes multiply, and small gifts and purchases add up. In a large home, these new additions get tucked away, unnoticed. But in a studio apartment, they can quickly fill up the little existing storage space. Next thing you know, your home is filled with hundreds of small items that have nowhere to go, and your closets are filled to the brim. So how do you maximize space in a room the size of a shoebox?

Take a hint from the Swedes, who have mastered the art of layered minimalism. With just a few clever tricks and habits, you can learn to become just enough of a minimalist to keep your clutter at bay and your studio apartment looking spacious and clean. No matter how many pairs of shoes you own, or how many sweaters are stored in your oven, you, too, can take a small space and make it your own—it just requires a little savvy and know-how. Here are nine simple ways to maximize space in your studio apartment.