3 Ways to Mix Masculine and Feminine Design Styles

_promo (59) Q. How do I mix masculine and feminine design styles? Masculine and feminine, yin and yang. How is it possible to blend both into one cohesive design style that can please both sexes and sensibilities? My best advice on how to combine these aesthetics is to play with materials, textures, colors, and design lines.

One For One: For every more masculine piece of furniture, juxtapose it with a feminine one that compliments it. For instance, if you decide to choose an industrial, more masculine steel dining table, choose a softer upholstered chair or crystal light fixture to soften the overall feel in the room. Textural Contrast: Think about this same balance when choosing the fabrics for your space. Compliment a heavy, dark velvet sofa by pairing it with airy, natural linen drapes. If you opt for a luxurious silk bedding, consider placing a wool bench at the foot of the bed to contrast and enhance the more feminine appeal of the silk. Style Savvy: Your styling choices can also help bring balance to spaces where one sensibility is more dominant. Delicate accessories, soft colors, and ample flowers can help a masculine space lean more girly, while branches, indoor plants, leather details, raw woods, and striped accents lend a feminine space some more masculine appeal. The key here is in the balance. As soon as a space feels like it's leaning toward one style, take a step back and evaluate what you can easily swap out to bring it back to center. Have you mastered the art of mixing these styles? Show us on Instagram by tagging @DomaineHome. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit