I Tripled My Salary in 4 Years—Here's How

MyDomaine's new career series, Raise the Bar, invites women to open up about a topic that's still considered taboo: salary. In an honest, anonymous discussion, women with years of industry experience pen a timeline showing how their salary has changed and the biggest lessons they've learned with each pay increase or setback. Here are the tactics that actually work, the common pitfalls to avoid, and the steps to be paid what you're worth.

First up, we chat with a 27-year-old advertising director who tripled her salary in just four years.

When Darwin* scored her first job as a junior strategist at a major advertising firm, she admits negotiating wasn't top-of-mind. "As I told my mom a couple months in, I'd have paid them to let me do this," she says. While she was instructed that money wasn't up for discussion—the role had a fixed starting salary—research suggests most women don't negotiate when they receive their first job offer. Carnegie Mellon University found that just 7% of female graduates try to negotiate salary, compared to a whopping 57% of men.

Now a director at a top-tier firm, she believes it's more important than ever to open up about pay. "The fact that I've been discouraged from communicating my salary to co-workers is one of the reasons it's important to do so," she tells MyDomaine. Here's how one woman tripled her salary in four years—and the most valuable lessons she's learned along the way.