Ask Estee: How Do I Keep My Mudroom Stylish, Yet Organized?

_promo1 (2) Q. How can I keep my mudroom organized yet still stylish? A mudroom is one space in so many homes that you just can't seem to keep organized or clean. It becomes the catch-all resting spot for coats, jackets, shoes, bags, and so much more. But just because it's called the "mud" room doesn't mean it can't be a beautiful and well designed space that reflects your taste and aesthetic. The key is to utilize attractive storage solutions, like stylish lockers, baskets, or decorative hooks, to keep your space in order.
Lock It Up: There are some amazing furniture pieces available to organize and store all of your family's goodies without compromising beauty. Several online retailers, like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, offer locker-like armoires that successfully hide clutter while adding charm to your space. Many of them feature a built-in rack for coats and winter wear, or you can use them to store your children's sports accessories and school supplies. Make A Case For Baskets: If a locker-like piece isn't right for you, try some wall-mounted shelves and storage baskets. It's a way to keep your shoes, backpacks, or toys organized and up off of the floor. Hook 'Em In: Another option is to install a series of decorative hooks to hang coats and jackets so they are both easily accessible and easy to put away. Be sure to hang at kid-friendly heights so there's no excuse for a coat on the floor. Options like these keep clutter at bay and can help make your mudroom a stylish yet sensible spot. For more decorating inspiration, check out our Mud Room board on Pinterest. estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of ROI Design