The #1 Mistake You Can Make When Organizing Your Fridge

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Admit it: It’s a jungle in there. Your fridge has gone all barbaric on youand you don’t know how to bring it back to civility. Well, we think it’s high time to show it who’s boss. As with every other storage area in the home, if you don’t keep an eye on things, your fridge can start to fill up with piles of unsavory (and, in this case, unsanitary) clutter. So, we figured, why not apply the organization methods we’ve used in all the other rooms of the house to tackle the fridge?

To that end, we chatted with Marissa Hagmeyer, a professional organizer and CMO of Neat Method, a luxury residential organizing company. “The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and therefore it’s a great place to start getting organized,” shares Hagmeyer, who says one of the biggest mistakes people make is not going through their fridges often enough to toss expired products. The organization process begins the minute you arrive home from the grocery store and start unpacking new items, she notes, and today she’s showing you how it’s done.

Continue reading for tips on how to declutter each shelf in your fridge. The neat freak inside of you will rejoice.

When was the last time you organized your fridge? Come clean in the comments below.