Naturally Tidy People Use These 15 Items Every Day

Justin Coit for WhoWhatWear

The holidays are a true test of an organized home. We hate to break it to you, but if the days (and hours) leading up to when guests arrive consists of a mad rush to tidy your house, it's a telltale sign you need to make some changes to the way to store, display, and organize your belongings.

The one key difference between a well-kept and chaotic home is quite simple: People who are naturally neat have a system in place that means every daily household choice is ordered. Each item has a place, no matter how big or small. There's no such thing as a junk drawer because unnecessary items are discarded on the spot, and even small knickknacks have a storage spot.

Think you're a naturally tidy person? We've pinpointed 15 items you'll find in every well-organized home. How many do you have?

A Catchall

Collected by The Line Large Two-Tone Valet Tray $88

Keep a catchall where odd items clutter countertops. 

A Charging Dock

Native Union iPhone Dock $60

Avoid multiple cables and stray gadgets by creating a charging station for all your devices. 

Shelf Dividers

Elfa Décor Shelf Dividers $13

Tidy people make the most of every part of their home, including shelves. Maximize your closet space with transparent dividers. 

Hidden Storage

West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table $600 $479

Search for furniture with hidden storage, like this smart coffee table. 

Multiple Hampers

Swahili Modern Lidded Sand Dune Hamper Set $150

Organization expert Melissa Michaels says that tidy homes have multiple hampers scattered in changing areas around the home, like the bathroom or next to mirrors and wardrobes.

Smart Fridge Storage

Create and Barrel Set of 5 Produce Bags $12

Create order in a large fridge with a clear sorting system such as these produce bags, which keep fruit and vegetables grouped in the crisper.

An External Hard Drive

WD My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive $51

Rid your home and desk of loose papers and unnecessary filing by scanning documents and storing soft copies on an external hard drive. 

Matching Hangers

Hay Hangers $11

Fake a tidy closet with matching hangers and discard the mismatched, bent wire ones from the dry cleaners. 

Matching Jars

Crate and Barrel Set of 4 Silo Canisters $50

Decant common pantry items into matching food storage jars to give your kitchen a polished, cohesive look. 

A Knife Organizer

Williams-Sonoma In-Drawer 15-Slot Knife Organizer $50

Keep sharp knives safe with an in-drawer organizer. 

Multitasking Items

Crate and Barrel Triple Laundry Sorter With Ironing Board $60

Search for double-duty products that will make the most of your tiny space, such as this laundry hamper that doubles as an ironing board. 

A Well-Stocked Cleaning Supply

Poketo Rig-Tig Dustpan and Broom $32

Stash cleaning supplies where they're needed, like near dusty windowsills or under the bathroom basin, to encourage you to tidy as you go.

Drawer Organizers

The Container Store Twill Drawer Organizers $5

Segment drawer space with a sectioned organizer sized to fit underwear, socks, or stray items.

Organized Cords

Mark & Graham Leather Cord Organizer $20

Stop chargers, headphones, and other cords from tangling with simple straps that keep loose pieces in place. 

Strategically Placed Trays

Aerin Classic Shagreen Serving Tray $365

Group small items like perfume bottles or trinkets in a tray to make a space look tidier. 

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