Don't Toss It—Here's How to Make Your Old Rug Look Brand-New

Updated 08/17/17
How to Over Dye a Rug
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Do you have a rug that has seen better days or that you're simply sick of, but you don't have the heart to throw it out? Maybe you inherited a Persian carpet from your family that doesn't fit your décor style, or maybe your pets have ruined a perfectly good hand-knotted flatweave rug. We have the solution for you: overdyeing. You've probably already seen the final product in interiors everywhere. Overdyed rugs came into fashion a few years ago, as retailers started upcycling vintage rugs that were worn beyond repair or simply outdated, and giving them a fresh life with a bright, new colorway.

The good news is that there's a way to re-create the look with your used rug. The one caveat is that it should be made out of wool or natural material, as synthetic rugs can't withstand the dyeing process. The process of overdyeing a rug is intensive, laborious, and it takes up a lot of room—it involves soaking it, bleaching it, dyeing it, and you often have to repeat the process until the desired finish is attained (sometimes up to seven times!). The good news is that many reputable rug-refinishing services are available like Rugzy in Los Angeles and Aelfie in New York so you can send your pre-loved rug to get a much-deserved makeover.

And if you don't have a rug to refinish but still love the look, we rounded up our favorite overdyed rugs in all sizes for all budgets.

Chairish Vintage Persian Overdyed Rug $13200 $3947

Chairish Vintage Persian Overdyed Rug ($13,200 ) ( $3947 )

This golden-hued Persian vintage rug is the perfect example of a beautifully repurposed carpet—and it's over 50% off its original price.

Chroma Overdyed Rug
Urban Outfitters Chroma Overdyed Rug $389 $199

Vintage rugs can be expensive, but companies like Urban Outfitters have been re-creating the look at a much lower price point. 

ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Silk Overdyed Rug $16600 $9999

ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Silk Overdyed Rug ( $16,600 ) ( $9999 )

You can even overdye a silk rug. This exquisite seafoam green silk number from ABC Carpet & Home is proof.

Caspian Distressed Rug
West Elm Caspian Distressed Rug $1399 $899

West Elm has also jumped on the distressed overdyed train with a collection of moody, vintage-looking rugs.

Chairish Vintage Patchwork Overdyed Rug $2655

Some rugs are beyond repair—which is when patchwork comes handy. Give your patchwork rug a unified look by overdyeing it like this vintage carpet sold on Chairish.

Heidi Overdyed Block Print Rug
Urban Outfitters Heidi Overdyed Block Print Rug $69 $40

Overdyed rugs come in different textures, materials, and designs. This block-print rug from Urban Outfitters proves that flatweave carpets can look equally good when overdyed.

Apadana Overdyed Rug - 8'6
Chairish Apadana Overdyed Rug $1399 $1100

The best part about overdyeing your own rug is you can pick the exact color you want—we love this fiery red number that's sold on Chairish.

ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Spectrum Overdyed Rug $9200 $4600

ABC Carpet & Home has a large inventory of overdyed rugs it calls Color Reform. This fuchsia number is a favorite.

Distressed Rococo Wool Rug
West Elm Distressed Rococo Wool Rug $999 $174

Another patchwork number, courtesy of West Elm—this rug comes in a variety of colors.

ABC Carpet & Home Color Reform Spectrum Overdyed Rug $7000

Add a pop of greenery (the color of the year) to your home by adding a bright overdyed green rug in your space.

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