11 Successful Women Open Up About Overcoming Major Career Setbacks


Annie McElwain

How do you overcome a major setback in your career? Whether you're rebounding from a devastating layoff or suffering in the pit of a creative slump, the most important thing is to not lose hope. If there's one thing we've learned from female founders with thriving businesses, like the founder of DryBar Alli Webb and founder of CultureBanx Kori Hale, it's that the path to success isn't a linear one. Nor does attaining success ensure that you won't encounter disappointments once you've "made it."

For some much-needed perspective on the topic of failure, we asked 11 wildly successful women to weigh in on how to overcome career setbacks. Ahead, Lo Bosworth, Joy Cho, Jaclyn Johnson, and other resilient entrepreneurs included on this year's coveted Create & Cultivate 100 list presented by Chevrolet share their personal experiences with facing down daunting hurdles, discouraging bumps, and intimidating roadblocks. If you're looking for motivation, keep scrolling to gain words of wisdom from a group of women who are redefining the definition of success, and, for that matter, the definition of failure.