How to Defeat Laziness, According to a Performance Psychologist

Updated 01/13/17

Laziness almost always begins with a mental tug-of-war between what you want to be doing and what you should be doing. For example, your brain knows that you should close out your week with a solid workout, but you want to spend Sunday vegging out and watching Netflix. So how do you combat your lazy instincts? Performance psychologist Jonathon Fader emphasizes the importance of "talking back" to your brain, so to speak.

"What I often talk to athletes and people in business about is talking back to your brain. When your brain tells you That's enough and I can't do anything more, what do you say? Do you have a technique in your mind to help you with the pain tolerance there?" he explains in a new Business Insider video.

Fader recommends segmenting an arduous task into small mental groups, like breaking up a long run into 10-minute intervals. "If you have a plan beforehand, and a routine, that can help you. We can only control two things: our actions and our reactions, or what we do and what we think." Overcoming laziness starts with taking ownership of both of those categories, allowing ourselves to consider the bigger picture instead of just the foreseeable future.

Do you talk yourself out of laziness? Share your review of Fader's technique below.

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