4 High-Sea Adventures We're Lusting After (and What to Pack for Each)

Cruises seem to be an acquired taste among travelers, especially for those of us who feel that bigger is not always better. But if you know where to look for ships that are more like a boutique hotel than a massive city on the water, then the prospect of spending your vacation days aboard a cruise becomes a lot more enticing. So with this in mind, we decided to round up the best companies in the industry for every kind of traveler. Not only do these cruises offer more guidance and structure than your average vacation, but they also offer one-of-a-kind adventures without skimping on luxury amenities, well-designed suites, and gourmet meals. 

Some only accommodate up to 32 passengers, while others can have up to 1000, and some head to the high seas in ships, while others venture through backwaters and hidden rivers in yachts. So without further ado, scroll through our five favorite cruise lines that are worth booking, regardless of the destination. And then at the end of our water-bound travel bucket list, find out how to pack for a cruise by clicking through our list of 24 items to bring on board.