How to Pay Off Any Kind of Debt in 12 Steps

From student debt to credit card debt, every manner of debt is zero fun. You don’t know how it happened (or maybe you do), but suddenly it feels like you’re drowning in it. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t write it off as a hopeless affair. Paying off your debt is absolutely within reach if you follow a few basic steps and get started now.

Take a deep breath, muster up an attitude of gratitude, and learn to love your starting point. Budgeting doesn’t have to hurt. By getting a handle on the everyday things we spend too much money on, you’ll already be saving big. The most important thing is establishing a healthy savings routine and mastering the art of consistency. Think of this as a workout plan for your bank account.

To get the wheels of change in motion and put you well on your way to financial stability, read on—you’ve totally got this.