How to Pick the Perfect Avocado (You're Doing It Wrong)

We love avocados. Blame it on our California roots, but our affinity for the chock-full–of-good-fat fruit is a year-round love affair. That being said, summer is the perfect time to master the art of picking the perfect avocado. Though it egregiously lacks its own emoji (ahem—we're waiting), the fruit receives top billing on our list of all-time-favorite warm-weather foods. A healthy addition to salads and tacos, and a more than acceptable à la carte breakfast dish, it's a staple that makes a welcome cameo at any meal, in our books. 

Those who shop the fruit know that selecting the perfect avocado is somewhat of an acquired skill. That's why we've composed this handy illustrated guide to see you through the process. Think of picking avocados like shopping for vintage: You shop with your hands. The feel of the fruit is everything, sort of like finding cashmere in a rack of polyester.

From skin pigmentation to inspecting for bruising, here's our three-step guide to getting it right. We promise your guacamole game is about to go through the roof.