6 Easy Ways to Pick the Right Frame for a Room

The right frame can take a piece of art to new levels, but deciding on the perfect style for your painting or photo, and getting it up and squared away is another question all together. That’s why you need to know about Framebridge, the budget-friendly décor website and app that’ll make sure the art you love doesn’t stay grounded a minute longer. Here’s how it works: Browse the Framebridge collection of frames (everything from burl wood to brushed silver), upload your art or send in the actual piece in a Framebridge prepaid mailer; Framebridge will frame it to your specifications and deliver it right back to you. There's an Instagram-mini frame option should you choose to devote an entire gallery wall to your feed. Picture the possibilities, if you will. 

Still hung up on what to put where? Scroll down for six frameworthy ideas.