Here's How to Decorate Your Home From Scratch (It's Easier Than You Think)


Courtesy of JHID

Consider this—you've just bought a new home, signed a lease on a new apartment, or moved to a new city. You fell in love with the space that will become your new home, but when you think about decorating it from scratch, you get overwhelmed with options and decisions. Which paint color should I choose? Should I get a sectional or three-seater sofa? What size rug do I need? At a glance, a blank decorating slate can feel intimidating, but with a project-managing approach to interior decorating, you'll find that decisions are much more easily made.

Interior designers know this all too well—when juggling dozens of clients and project, their approach to decorating is less akin to intuition and closer to a top-level project management method, complete with plans, spreadsheets, and actionable to-do lists. By breaking down each aspect of interior decorating, they can track their progress and keep a décor plan on schedule and on budget. Better yet, they can easily ensure that whichever individual piece they choose will work within the overall scheme of the room or even the home. So how do you decorate a room from start to finish using a project management approach?

We outline the 12 steps that will get you from blank slate to beautiful space—and how to tackle it in just one weekend.