See How This Organizational Expert Sets Goals and Sees Them Through

Stephanie Squadrito for MyDomaine Australia

After a fruitless search to find a functional-yet-sleek diary, entrepreneur and influencer, Beck Wadworth took things into her own hands and founded An Organised Life in 2013. And with her first round of product selling out in just three weeks, it was proof enough that she was onto something. It seems that some of Australia's busiest women were also after a sleek monochromatic and minimalist aesthetic, and now, four years later, the brand has extended to a line stocked in over 70 stores.

But it doesn’t end at fulfilling your stationery needs, An Organised Life has also evolved into a bigger brand, with the website moonlighting as a go-to destination for ambitious women who want to gain inspiration from other like-minded folks, and, well, get organised. So far, the line up has included It girls, like our own girl boss, Alison Rice, Lara Worthington, Anine Bing, Brooke Testoni and Karen Walker. 

So, keep scrolling to read how Wadworth prepares and organizes her goals. 

Stephanie Squadrito for MyDomaine Australia

I set stepping stones each month or so to help achieve my goals, and I also celebrate the small successes along the way


I try to set my resolutions high in order to push myself as much as I can. In terms of writing my new year resolutions, it’s extremely difficult to just write one. I split mine up into three categories:

Personal: For example, work out three times a week, or have a healthy work-life balance by doing X and Y, or focus on a healthy balanced diet.

Professional: For example, build my business by focusing on X,Y and Z, or meet all my KPIs to work towards X, Y and Z, or get a job promotion by doing X,Y and Z.

Financial: For example, save for a trip to France, or for a house deposit, or grow my sales by X amount.


Big yearly goals are definitely easy to lose sight of unless you put a bit of a plan in place. I set stepping stones each month or so to help achieve my goals and I also celebrate the small successes along the way (it keeps me motivated!) For example if my main goal was to concentrate on saving for a trip to New York, I would set myself smaller targets for each month, then celebrate by booking my flights.


I have always loved being organized. To be honest, it just makes life easier. In terms of how I personally get organised a few of my hacks are below: 

  • I plan my outfits the night before. I check my diary and the weather first and select accordingly.
  • I write my to-do list for the next day the night before. In the morning I re-read my to-do list and prioritise it. I ask myself, 'What are my top three urgent tasks? Basically, you need to suss what do you need to do and what do you want to do.
  • I know my peak times and try to make the most of them. In the morning I get up and go, I have a lot of energy and I like to power through my top three urgent tasks straight away. I usually go through an afternoon slump where I do things like editing imagery or replying to emails and then I get a second wind where I feel super creative! It’s important to know your peak times to make the most of your workflow and time.
  • I use a diary for everything! And I carry it with me everywhere. Usually I write in pencil so I can erase something if a meeting or deadline changes but sometimes I just bite the bullet and use pen! 

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