3 Kitchen Organization Hacks That Will Trick You Into Eating Healthier

We've spoken to the therapeutic effects of a clean and organized space—but what about organizing with the intent of promoting a healthier lifestyle? According to Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab and author of Slim by Design, some small tweaks in the kitchen can actually make adopting a healthy lifestyle that much easier. "You can arrange your space so the healthiest choices are ones you don't even have to think about," Wansink told Real Simple. Here's how he recommends changing your surroundings in order to lead a healthier life:

Put a fruit bowl on display: According to Wansink's research, people who display cereals, sodas, and other unhealthy snacks reportedly weigh an average of 20 pounds more than those who put out no food. But a conveniently placed fruit bowl can promote healthy snacking decisions, particularly in children.

Move your salad plates to a lower shelf: Wansink also found that the bigger the plate, the more food we put on it and the more we ultimately consume. For a healthier, more reasonable portion size, try using 9- to 10-inch salad plates instead of large dinner plates. This same logic applies to spoons: Larger serving spoons can add up to 14% more food to each person's meal.

Replace rocks glasses with highball glasses: To cut down on alcohol consumption, try replacing your rocks glasses with highball glasses. According to Wansink, people assume that thin cocktail glasses hold more than short, wide glasses, even though they hold the same amount of liquid. As a result, he says, people drink roughly 30% more alcohol when using the rocks glasses. Stick to tall, thin glasses to subtly limit your alcohol intake.

Head over to Real Simple for more of Wansink's insights, and share your personal tips with us below!