How to Put on a Duvet Cover


Clique Studio

If you've ever tried to put on a duvet cover and wound up pulling your hair out, you are not alone. Trying to shove your insert deep into the cover never quite works out the way you plan. Thankfully, we have a duvet cover hack that will literally change your life. We like to call it the sushi roll method, as you're essentially rolling the duvet into the cover. It's not very intuitive, so it's essential to watch and learn. Play the video above to learn the easy way to put on a duvet cover. Read the steps below.

1. Invert duvet cover and lay it on top of your bed with the opening at the foot.

2. Lay your duvet insert on top of the cover.

3. Roll from the head down to the foot of the bed.

4. Flip the cover over one end and then over itself.

5. Unroll it from the foot to the head of the bed.

6. Button or zip it closed. Voilà!

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