Forget Meditation—These 3 Everyday Habits Will Radically Improve Your Life


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The prospect of overhauling your entire life in order to incite positive change is daunting—sometimes your to-do list alone is enough to discourage you. But as Chris Dessi points out for Business Insider, taking things one day at a time is the secret to success. Dessi, who is the CEO of Silverback Social, a personal branding expert, and the author behind Remarkable You, has personally utilized the following tips in an effort to drastically improve his own life. Here are three daily habits the entrepreneur swears by for a brighter, more fulfilling future:

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. "I'm an over-sharer extraordinaire. … Vulnerability in life and business cultivates trust," writes Dessi. Vulnerability is at the root of emotional connection and human experience—you can't have one without the other. Being an unfiltered, raw version of yourself may be scary, but your authenticity will pay dividends in the end.

Have designated "no phone" time. Our smartphones are psychologically potent devices that fundamentally change how we communicate and experience events. Not only does the white-blue light disrupt sleep patterns, but also, their constant presence can take us out of the moment and cause us to miss otherwise influential life moments. Dessi recommends getting centered once a day by putting away the phone for a few hours.

Read more. Reading one of the habits that make you more intelligent, but it can also "improve problem-solving [skills], expand your vocabulary, and even cultivate exposure to different ways of thinking," writes Dessi. Adding this activity to your daily list, whether through paperback, Kindle, or audiobook, is more than worth your time.

What daily habits would you add to this list? Share your thoughts below!