How to Realize Your Closet’s Potential, According to Pros Who Do This for a Living

You don’t need more space, you need better solutions.

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Whether you live in a small city apartment or a house in the suburbs, closet space is coveted. And even if you do have ample storage (in theory), it always seems to be that clothes are strewn about, piles collect on the regular, and there’s never enough shelving. Sound familiar? We hear you. But the good news is, there is always room for improvement.

Whether you’re reconfiguring an existing storage space or starting from scratch, creating a closet system that’s organized, functional, and maximizes every square inch is a job best left to the experts (read: If you want to truly love your closet, this is not the kind of project to DIY). And the certified professionals at Home Services from The Home Depot are exactly who you need to call for Home Organization and Closet Installation services to help you design, measure, and install a space you’ll use most efficiently.

The benefits go way beyond aesthetics. “A professional design, in which there is a place for everything, and everything has its place, can help keep you organized, which reduces stress and makes everyone happier,” says Patricia Wiley, design consultant and home organization specialist for The Home Depot. Here’s how a professional design consultant can turn your dream closet into a reality.

 They’ll Help You See the Space Anew

While you may search your bedroom for extra nooks to create or expand a closet, often, “the best closet space is the existing closet,” Wiley says. “Many times, customers try to add more closets when their own closet has lots of room for improvement—and they probably don’t need another one.” Wiley’s job is to assess the space and create solutions to realize its potential.

 For instance, if your current closet, however small, has only a single rod or two, that’s a missed opportunity. “Because our systems are custom, we can add storage space pretty much anywhere. By strategically balancing hanging space, shelves, and drawers, we can easily double the customer’s space,” Wiley says. And for those lucky enough to have a walk-in, Wiley reminds clients to consider the overall flow: “Be careful not to overbuild and block traffic; it’s important to leave enough space so there’s room to move around in there.”

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They’ll Bring Your Vision to Life

Maybe you imagine a primary bedroom-sized area complete with a center island and lounge, or you simply need to make more room in the closet you already have without sacrificing half of your belongings. When you schedule a complimentary consultation (either in-home or virtually), a Home Services designer from The Home Depot will work with you to put your inspiration into motion, quite literally. Once the space is measured and the vision is clear, the consultant will use a virtual tool to design the closet in a 3-D rendering to determine the best system to use, the optimal layout, and which storage accessories best fit the space. “We can make as many changes as the customer wants (size, color, accessories, etc.) until we get it just right,” Wiley says.

 They’ll Create Solutions to Store Your Stuff Beautifully

An expert design consultant takes account of the items you want to store to make life a lot more streamlined. “Closets are very personal,” Wiley says. “We create spaces based on needs by looking at the available space and what will be put into it—and then create a design to make it functional and maximize storage.” For example, if you have an extensive jewelry collection, the pros can install pullout trays and drawer inserts. There are no limits to what can be accommodated! “Once, I designed a closet under a staircase for a dog; I triple hung rods to fit all of her outfits,” Wiley continues. The Home Depot provides a wide range of options, allowing a design to be specific for each customer—as fancy or as simple as they want.”

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They’ll Add the Bells and Whistles

When it comes to truly customizing the space, the design is in the details. “Integrated lighting, door and drawer styles—including shaker, glass, raised, flat, eased edge, molded, and beadboard—mirrors, crown molding, ironing board drawers, we have it all,” Wiley elaborates. “And all of these features are built onto thick furniture-grade material, from timeless neutrals and woodgrains to on-trend colors.” Then there are the organizational accessories like tie racks, belt racks, shelf dividers, baskets, shoe racks, hook boards—thousands of options to customize a closet that vibes with your style. And the best part is, it’s all designed, fabricated, delivered, and installed within four to six weeks, so you can start feeling more organized without missing a beat.  

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