This Is the Very First Thing You Should Do After Getting Off a Plane

Updated 11/28/17

Exploring a new state, country, or continent is almost always worth the hassle of traveling, but we'll admit that air travel, in particular, isn't exactly a walk in the park. Between the cabin pressure and the resulting dry skin, bloating, and fatigue, we're almost always itching to grab our carry-on bags and deplane as soon as physically possible (whether it's a two-hour flight or a 24-hour flight).

But what you do directly after arriving at your final destination can either help or hurt your recovery. With that in mind, Well+Good polled a panel of health experts at the Amelia Island Wellness Festival in search of the best ways to bounce back after a flight. All of their answers had two thing in common: Movement and nature. "I try to get outside as soon as I can after an airplane flight," said David Perrin, executive director of education at New York City’s meditation studio MNDFL. "The natural light, fresh air, and feeling of space around me help to re-set my circadian rhythm."

Nicholas Giacomini of the popular wellness blog MC Yogi recommends taking a dip after air travel. "It always feels good to get in water after a plane to clear the energy and reset your nervous system," he told the health publication. "A shower or a bath work well, but the best is to take your shoes off and put your feet in the ocean!"

Finally, DanceBody founder Katia Pryce swears by a bit of stretching. "Stretch right away, especially while you're at baggage claim," she advises. "[It'll] make you more awake and feel refreshed and renewed. A lot of people get hurt after they travel because you sit for so long. [Try] a figure four to flex your hip flexer, calf stretch, lateral lunge for your inner thigh, rag doll, a nice little arm stretch, and a long side stretch. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds."

Head over to Well+Good for more, and share how you recover from a long flight in the comments below.

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