The Failsafe Guide for Rekindling a Relationship

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Relationships have their share of ups and downs, and while you and your partner may have been extremely attentive and affectionate with one another at one point, it’s not unusual for that passion to start to cool off the longer you've been together. When the realities of life set in and you’re dealing with work and other commitments, it can be difficult to maintain the strong, deep initial connection you had early in your relationship. We rounded up a few steps you can take to rekindle your relationship—get ready to reignite the flame.

Read on for six ways to rekindle your relationship.

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Take Advantage of Date Nights

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If you’re looking to add new life to your relationship, make date nights a priority. While it may be the norm these days to sit on the couch next to your partner night after night while you’re both half-watching TV and playing games on your phone, change it up once a week and plan a night out. Whether you go out for dinner, drinks, or even just frozen yogurt, making a plan to enjoy a date together can help to reinvigorate your relationship. "Find ways to add freshness to the relationship. These efforts may actually be quite small and simple, but when they're on target, they produce big results," says Barbara Markway, Ph.D.

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Put Away Your Phones

If your goal is to rekindle your relationship, another important step is for you and your partner to spend time together in a phone-free zone. By putting your phones away, turning off the TV, and actually tuning into each other rather than what’s on a screen, you’ll be able to connect on a deeper level because you’ll actually be present in the moment.

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Try New Activities Together

When you feel like your relationship is getting a little dull, consider trying new activities together. You can sign up for spinning or yoga, take a cooking class, or join a bowling league as a couple. Not only does this guarantee having fun and having interesting experiences together, but trying new things can also help to bring back the spark that was there when you first got together and everything felt like new—because it was!

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Go on a Trip

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Taking a trip together can be a helpful way to shake things up. Not only can going away together help to rid the monotony of everyday life, but it can also help to change the energy and dynamic of your relationship in general. While you can go somewhere that you and your partner have never visited, it could also be fun to go back to locations you've visited together as a couple. You can relive some of the memories from these places, as well as reignite what you felt for each other at that time in your relationship.

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Make Intimacy a Priority

Being both emotionally and physically intimate with one your partner is important when you're trying to rekindle your relationship. Making a commitment to be honest and upfront with your partner can automatically help to bring you closer as a couple since you’re both opening up to each other. Making time for physical intimacy is also a key component of a healthy and happy relationship. 

While it may be hard to find the time for physical intimacy when you're juggling careers, kids, and everyday responsibilities, consider going to bed an hour early once a week to have time to be intimate with your partner and bring that side of your relationship back.

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Say “Thank You” More Often

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Another important way to bring back the feelings that you and your partner once shared is to take time to acknowledge everything they do for you. While you may not typically thank your partner for making a dinner reservation, taking out the trash, or cleaning the bathroom, expressing your gratitude for simple acts can remind them how much you love them. After all, one of the key components of a successful relationship is that both you and your partner feel appreciated by one another.

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