This Is How Our Editors Unwind After a Big Week at the Office

How to Relax After Work
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No matter the industry you work in, most of us will experience long and sometimes arduous days at work. It’s not that we don’t love what we do, it’s just the nature of dealing with a vast array of different professionals and companies can sometimes set our stress levels rising at a rapid pace—deadlines can be tough, right? So, since there’s no way to guarantee an entirely carefree partnership with your job, it's imperative we all learn how to unwind after a long day.

We work in an industry that is known for being fast-paced and demanding, something we all love and thrive on. However, learning to switch off at the end of each day is crucial for wellbeing, and ensures we can actually do our jobs better the next day. So, to learn how busy women unwind before bed, our editors are sharing their go-methods for relaxation. 

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"I love watching an episode of a new show with my husband while I have my ginger tea and some dark chocolate. Then I like to hop on Pinterest and do some pinning. Because I spend a lot of my day on email and in meetings, I use it as a creative outlet. I also find curating really relaxing and calming (I’m just a regular Type A gal!). When I get into bed I might do some work or intention setting with my crystals, and I always use Venustus God Bless behind my ears and under my nose to help me sleep. On sleep… I recently started taking magnesium supplements and I’ve never slept more solidly. My silk eye mask helps, too."


"I’m normally really consistent with my evening rituals, but as we come closer to the end of the year, I’m finding it really hard to keep it up—I’m just so exhausted, I fall asleep almost before my head hits the pillow.

"Usually, my evening ritual involves getting home from work between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. My husband normally has dinner already cooked, or we’ll spend time in the kitchen cooking together before we eat while watching Netflix. Then, I’m in the shower and starting to prep for my favorite time—sleep!

I have a steaming hot shower (even though I know this is really bad for my skin) and add a few drops of essential oil to the shower and practice slow breathing while I stand under the running water for a minute. It helps me relax and focus on myself. Then when I step out, I lather my body in oil to moisturize, then slip into linen pajamas.

"I then spend a good 15 minutes rubbing numerous lotions and potions into my face before spritzing a pillow spray, and getting into bed for a quick scroll on Instagram. When I finish scrolling, I tell my husband to put his phone down too, then I pretend I know what I’m doing and I dab frankincense oil on both of our temples, wrists, behind the knees, and behind the neck. I think it calms us both down, and it’s a nice routine we do together at the end of a long day (plus, it always makes us laugh)." 



"I don’t really have a ‘routine’ per see, but I unwind with skincare first, and then I drink either peppermint tea, apple ginger tea or The Beauty Chef’s Sleep Powder (with macadamia milk). I usually put my lamp on instead of the main light, and I always mist my pillow with This Works Deep Sleep Spray before bed. Once I’m in bed, I take zilch acne tablets (damn hormonal acne) before I check Instagram and message my boyfriend and mum goodnight. I wish I could say I don’t check my phone for half an hour before bed, but that’s a straight up lie.

"I’m not an early sleeper, and I’m not very zen, so my evening ritual probably leaves a lot to be desired! I’d say my skincare routine helps me unwind the most. After showering, I spend a bit of time moisturizing my face and slathering my bod in rosehip oil. I’m not sure why, but doing that, even if its only two minutes, always signals my brain that it’s the end of a long day. Then, I do a combination of Instagram scrolling and Netflix watching. I’m trying to eliminate screens an hour before bed, as I’ve found it helps me go to sleep a lot easier, so I’m increasingly swapping those activities for reading a book."


"I've been obsessed with sleep and rest as of late, and have been working really hard to increase my knowledge on the topic, so I think my routine is in the process of an update. I've always needed a little more sleep than most people—10 hours is ideal for me—so that means needing to be really organized to get to bed on time. 

"I meal prep on Sundays, which means dinner is ready when I get home. I have a shower and use my favorite Aesop body oil and moisturiser as soon as I get out. I try to go slow and proccess the day, so that by dinner I'm focused and present with my husband. 

"We usually end the night with some Netflix, but I also try to do some neck, back and leg stretches, as I've found this really helps to relax my body. I also do a few slow yoga body rolls, and practice ten minutes of mindful meditation, as this is a fail-safe way to fall asleep, stat."

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