5 Real People Get Candid About What Finally Worked for Their Anxiety

Updated 06/01/17

Anyone who understands the statement "My anxiety is giving me anxiety," can speak to its pervasiveness; it's almost as if anxiety turns on a switch that you can't turn off. Unsurprisingly, people spend years trying to mix the perfect cocktail of breathing exercises, therapy, and mind tricks to relieve their symptoms and formulate a go-to strategy. While every person is different, part of advocating for mental health is being honest about your experience and sharing your strategies with others. Below, read up on what five people actually do to calm their minds and assuage panic attacks, as originally reported by Mindbodygreen

"Anxiety comes in waves, the worst upon waking where it's almost impossible to move. Personally, I find the most helpful remedies are deep breathing and the practice of honoring my thoughts and letting them go."

"One thing that has helped significantly with my anxiety has been my diet. When I cut out sugar, fried foods, processed foods, caffeine, gluten, and dairy, I felt an immediate shift in the severity of the physiological symptoms of my anxiety."

"What I've found most helpful is making time for things I love doing—reading a fun book that I can get lost in, or working on a DIY project like a jewelry rack or a refurbished dresser."

"Keeping a journal or just being more mindful and then being able to document and track my thoughts and look back on them with perspective has been an incredible help. People with anxiety tend to have distorted thinking that they might be unaware of."

"I used to try to fix my anxiety, analyze why I felt anxious, or blame myself, others, or circumstances. … Getting clear that 'feeling better' is the intention, I love to practice the 3As … awareness, acceptance, and adjustment."

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