This Couple Retired in Their Early 30s With $1 Million Saved—Here's How

Updated 05/01/17

After just eight years in the workforce, Joe and Ali Olson quit their jobs as public school teachers, and now spend their days traveling the world with their 1-year-old daughter, Annabelle. While this sounds like the stuff of financial fantasy, the 30-something couple simply committed to a frugal lifestyle and found a "side hustle" in real estate, reports Business Insider

"For me, financial independence was really easy to get because we were happy just living in our fairly small place, and eating at home, and just being efficient with how we spent money," said Joe in an interview with the Mad Fientist. "And so our high savings rate was just because we enjoyed simplicity. And we didn't have to cut our budget. We didn't have to deprive ourselves." The couple reportedly lived on around $20,000 a year without having to make any major sacrifices.

In addition to living in a 400-square-foot home in Las Vegas, the couple started buying and flipping real estate properties. While they initially lost money, they ended up owning over 15 properties when they decided to quit their jobs. "We cultivated a concept of gratitude about everything," adds Ali. "And once you're grateful for everything you have, to try to get more seems silly."

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