What to Do Now to Score the Cheapest Airfare in 2018

Updated 04/29/19
The Chriselle Factor

Twenty-eighteen is just around the corner, and as we near the end of the year, it's natural to begin planning for what's to come. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to travel more, there's no better time than now to begin prepping for your dream vacation—both to make it possible in the New Year and to save your hard-earned money. Travel + Leisure recently dished on what to do now to save money on airfare in 2018, and while the tips are straightforward, they're often overlooked. We've outlined T+L's suggestions below so you can get a head start on your 2018 travel planning and find the best airfare prices to wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Set airfare alerts now. Sometimes scoring the best flight deal is all about timing. If you already have a destination (or two… or three) in mind, set airfare alerts now. Travel + Leisure asserts that it's "the single best (and easiest) thing you can do to save money on your upcoming travels." Starting now will also give you more time to gauge what's a good deal and what's not. Once you're ready to buy, you'll be able to book as soon as you see the lowest fare for your selected destination.

Download travel apps. Travel apps can be your best friend when it comes to strategizing your travel plans to work within a budget. Hopper creates a custom calendar to highlight the best and worst times to travel to your chosen destination, based on an aggregation of historical data and current airfares. DealRay, a members-only service, provides real-time alerts for mistake fares that pop up and can save you hundreds on your ticket.

In January 2018, IDs from nine states won't be accepted for domestic air travel. See if yours is on the list.

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