How to Say No When You Want to Stay In

Sometimes there's just nothing better than cozying up at home and staying in for the night. This is especially true when harsh winter weather awaits outside your door, and it gets pitch black at 4 p.m. Still, especially during the holidays, there's continuous pressure to go out and be social—mingle, be merry, and spend the break catching up with old friends. While it is good to take the time to nurture these relationships, it's also perfectly fine to indulge in your time indoors, declining invitations to go out.

Saying no to friends who want to make plans can be especially precarious, but luckily New York Magazine's Science of Us just highlighted a study that helps you deliver a "no" that has staying power. According to a 2012 study in the Journal of Consumer Research, the way a "no" statement was framed significantly affected its success. Saying a concrete "I don't" rather than a weaker "I can't" made participants feel more psychologically empowered. Saying "don't" removes the possibility of want or could, making it less likely those bugging you to get out of the house will keep pushing the matter.

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