Surprising Features That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Hoping to sell your home? There's a formula for how fast you'll see a SOLD sign, and it has to do with some very specific features that might surprise you. Money recently released the findings from a survey by, which evaluated how long homes stay on the market after comparing certain criteria like amenities and architecture to see which characteristics play a role in the time frame surrounding home sales. Check out a few of the less obvious features that could help you sell your home below.

Style. You might be surprised to learn that Spanish-style homes sell the fastest, according to's study. These homes are typically found in some of the most desirable metro areas like California, which could be a big factor when it comes to these statistics. Location aside, this architectural design leads homes to sell after just 47 days on the market, about half the national average time. Which style will work against you? According to the study, Victorian homes are the hardest to sell, spending about 122 days on the market despite the rather affordable average listing price. 

What lies outside the windows. Obviously, a pretty view will help entice buyers but if your windows give way to a city skyline, specifically, you'll have a better chance at a quick sell. With an average price of $450,000, city-facing homes sold in about 83 days and houses located near a golf course, for an average price of $412,500, came in second. Shockingly, beachfront homes were left on the market the longest at 98 days, but this could be due to the hefty average price point, about $749,000, that comes with ocean views.

Stainless steel. If your home is filled with shiny, new appliances, you're in luck. Homes with stainless steel amenities came off the market 15 percent faster than the average after just 79 days. Granite doesn't do too bad either, as homes boasting these countertops came in a close behind, selling after about 82 days. But a fireplace might burn you, as homes with this one-time focal feature took a longer time to sell at an average of about 94 days. If you're putting your home on the market, you might want to update your kitchen first.

For three more features that help sell a home faster, head over to Money, and invest in this stainless steel chef's table from Williams-Sonoma to add to the appeal when you put your house on the market.

Are you surprised by the specific features that help a home sell more quickly? Let us know in the comments below.