How To Set Up Your Sound System

Do you find yourself sitting at home, wishing for some tunes and resorting to your computer? For shame. Our resident gadget expert, Domaine's IT Director Richard Benn, filled us in on three simple ways to remedy the situation.   domine-sound-system-title-01
sonos What's the deal? Already a major player in home audio, this wireless system is simple. So simple, in fact, that it borders on magical. The beauty and functionality of Sonos, is that you can integrate the system with your current audio components, or, if you're starting from scratch, choose from several starter wireless speaker boxes to suit your needs.
domine-sound-system-title-04 Play:5 ($399) the original, all-in-one wireless speaker box, the Play 5 has big sound for big rooms. If you purchase two, they can play music separately, or you can link them to play as true left/right speakers for full sonic depth. Play:3 ($299) This smaller, versatile, (and, it must be said, extremely cute) all-in-one speaker box is great for smaller rooms and spaces. Unlike the Play:5, you can position it horizontally or vertically, and it can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. domine-sound-system-title-05 Don't panic, but for Sonos you will need at least one component to connect via an ethernet cable to your existing internet router. If this is not practical in your household, just pick-up the inexpensive Bridge ($50), which sits happily next to your router and allows up to 31 other Sonos components to operate wirelessly wherever you place them.   domine-sound-system-title-02
jambox What's the deal? Jawbone's original super-portable Jambox and newer, longer-playing, bigger-sounding Big Jambox both pair with Bluetooth via your smartphone or tablet, don't require any additional accessories, and ensure your music goes wherever you go (without breaking the bank).
domine-sound-system-title-04 A picnic, to go with your wireless set-up.     domine-sound-system-title-03
appleairport What's the deal? For those who already have a sound system, but want to stream music wirelessly, this is an excellent route. The little puck plugs into your current receiver (for newer set-ups with an optical input, this one is ideal, otherwise an analog cable will do the trick), so that you can stream music through your phone (or your friend's phone, if he or she is a better DJ), your iPad, or Mac computer.
domine-sound-system-title-04 Just add AirPlay-enabled speakers to bring your music to your other rooms: from affordable options like the iHome iW3 AirPlay System, to audio works of art, such as Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay A9. Photograph: Steven Steigman