3 Ways to Silence Self-Doubt, According to a Spirit Coach

With all of the reflection that the end of the year brings, it's common to measure yourself against your lofty expectations. But before you become preoccupied with defeating thoughts (Why didn't I end up getting that raise? How do I still not have the job I want?), spirit coach Eryka Stanton has some other ideas.

"It’s easy to feel behind in lifeespecially if you do not take control of what your mind tunes into," she told Collective Hub. "[But you should] celebrate and salute the year that was by honoring your path and then creating a plan on how to improve things in the future." In Stanton's own words, here's how to silence your inner critic and plan for the year ahead:

Let fear be your motivator

"The voice that is whispering that you’re not where you should be can either be constructive or destructive," explains Eryka in her book, The Spiritual Gangsta’s Guide to Growth. While divine dissatisfaction can be your soul's way of alerting you that you're not living up to your potential, something called "destructive dissatisfaction" is fueled by "irrational fear and will destroy your self-esteem and leave you dispirited," she continues. View fear as a simple reminder that you have exciting goals to achieve in the year ahead.

Stop fighting for approval

"In this new age of abundance, the fight for survival has mutated into a fight for approval," explains Stanton. "We unconsciously allow the world to impress upon us a false idea of who we should be, [what we] should do, and this triggers a destructive cycle of self-defeating thoughts." Instead of making social approval your barometer for success, allow personal fulfillment and happiness to be your guide.

stop comparing yourself to others

"If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, it is a sign that you need to value your own unique nature. Comparison is the quickest path to self-sabotage, and acceptance of our unique individuality is the key to true joy," she explains. "In my opinion, negative comparison is a toxic tendency that personifies fear, greed, envy. Habitually comparing yourself to others is ... a self-abusive act that diminishes your personal power and worth."

How do you silence your inner critic? Share your tips below.