So This Is How Pro Travelers Sleep Through an Entire Flight

Updated 09/08/17
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No matter how well you time your flight, adjust your sleep schedule, or pop a melatonin, it can be difficult to master the art of sleeping through an entire trip. Having logged hundreds of hours in the sky, flight attendants reveal the secrets of passengers who snooze off with ease and always manage to arrive at their destination feeling fresh and well-rested.

In articles on Yahoo and Greatist, airline staffers share the best lessons they've learned to blissfully doze off. Here's how to achieve that sweet state of nirvana on your next vacation.

A window seat is ideal to rest your head during the flight, but attendant Lauren McLaughlin says a few select window seats are superior. "On most of our planes I look for the indent in the window," she tells Yahoo. "If the window indent is an inch or two in front of the seat, it's the best place for your head to lean into."

It's a no-brainer to wear comfortable clothes, but Southwest Airlines flight attendant Emily Witkop says few people think about their shoes. "Due to pressurization, our bodies swell, and it can be uncomfortable if you aren't used to it," she tells Yahoo.

Crossing your legs restricts blood flow and "could also torque your low back," says Karena Wu, PT, the clinical director for ActiveCare Physical Therapy. If you fall asleep that way, you'll likely wake up and need to correct your position. Instead, chiropractor Alyx Brown tells Greatist to "keep your legs straight, with a slight bend to your knees. You want to avoid any blood pooling in the lower part of your body."

How do you ensure a long, restful sleep mid-flight? Share your tips with us. 

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