How MyDomaine Editors are Spreading Cheer This Year

how our editors are spreading cheer - christmas tree in cozy room

Modernly You

Let's face it: this year, the holidays are going to look a little bit different. While we can still count on watching Christmas movies, baking our favorite seasonal treats, and procrastinating on our holiday shopping, we're not having the large gatherings we look forward to all year long.

In order to bring back some of the magic of the holidays, we asked our editors to share how they're keeping their family traditions alive and well this year. Keep reading for our best ideas to spread the holiday cheer this year.

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Teach a Family Member One of Your New Pandemic Skills

how we're spreading cheer - teach a new skill

Half Baked Harvest

"Throughout the pandemic, I've been fixated on trying out new recipes and teaching myself new kitchen skills. Above all, I am most proud of learning how to poach an egg properly. This holiday season, I plan to spread the joy by virtually teaching my little brother, who lives with his family in Chicago, how to poach an egg. Is there a better gift than a new life skill that lasts a lifetime?! I'm so sad that I won't be able to see my brother for the holidays in person, but I'm really looking forward to our virtual egg-poach-athon." — Mélanie Berliet, general manager

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Create a Signature Cocktail

how we're spreading cheer - signature cocktail

Half Baked Harvest

"For me, it just wouldn't be the holidays without a signature cocktail. In recent years, I've become the go-to mixologist for family functions. Even though my family won't all be together this year, I'm sending everyone a cocktail recipe, so we call all celebrate together, even though we're apart. My current favorite is a bourbon sour — bourbon, fresh lemon juice and a dash of maple syrup is all you need! I'm going to add a cinnamon stick for extra pizzazz." — Caroline Utz, associate editor

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Host a Virtual Holiday Movie Marathon

how we're spreading cheer - watching christmas movies

Marie Flanigan Interiors

"Holiday movies are one of my favorite parts of the season, but every year I find myself rushing to binge my favorites in the final days before Christmas. This year, since my schedule won't be packed with parties and shopping, I'm looking forward to starting my festive movie marathon on December 1. In lieu of our usual holiday gatherings, I'll be organizing a few virtual movie nights with my family. Fingers crossed it doesn't come to this, but I will be prepared to use the mute button should my mom continue her annual tradition of reciting every single line during Elf." — Karli Bendlin, email editor

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Try a Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

how we're spreading cheer- virtual ugly christmas sweater contest

Marija Kovac/Stocksy

"My family and I have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest each year. We are super competitive and even go all out with a 'fashion' show. I even announced my baby's gender when I was around six months pregnant in 2018—and I'm still a little salty that I lost that year (by one point!). So this year, I will be organizing a virtual contest that will still be full of creativity, laughs, and love." — Ginger Cowles, senior editor, The Spruce

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Create a Noche Buena Playlist

how we're spreading cheer - create a playlist

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

"We celebrate Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) as if it was New Year's Eve! There's a ton of dancing, and even a countdown to Christmas! It's going to be very different this year. To keep spirits high, I'll be emailing a special Noche Buena playlist and start an email chain of happy memories with our extended families — along with a video of our daughter learning salsa!" — Jamie Abarca, editorial projects coordinator

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Send Family Cookies

how we're spreading cheer - molasses cookies

Half Baked Harvest

"Every Christmas with my family we make my great-grandmother's molasses cookies together. It's a very vague recipe, one of those that you just have 'to know' what the dough should look like. And because of this, I'm really the only one that has gotten good at making them. I plan to make a couple batches and send to my family all over the country." — Margot Cavin, photo producer, The Spruce

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Host a Virtual DIY Craft Session

how we're spreading cheer - host a crafting session

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

"My besties and I are hopping on Zoom to do some DIY holiday crafts together. On the roster is rosemary candle holders, tassel ornaments, and pine cone garland! What's better than crafting while enjoying the company of your loved ones? Maybe adding wine, which will most likely also happen." — Amy Cooper, photo editor

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Handwrite Some Holiday Cards

how we're spreading cheer - sending holiday cards

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

"I love using the holidays as an excuse to spend some quality time with my favorite people, so it's tough that this year is going to be a pared-down holiday season, without the parties and get togethers I'm used to. Minted sent me some of their new card designs from this year, including their really stunning Minted x The Met Museum Holiday collection, so I'll be sending those along with a handwritten note inside to let my friends and family know I'm thinking of them. While it certainly won't replace face-to-face time, it feels like a nice way to make this year's holidays feel a little bit special." — Kate Geraghty, commerce editor

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Organize a Virtual Gift Exchange

how we're spreading cheer - hosting a virtual gift exchange

The Grit and Polish

"Seeing the look on someone's face when they open your thoughtful gift is one of the best feelings in the world. I didn't want to miss out on that just because my family can't get together in person this year. We decided to organize a 'Secret Santa' style gift exchange with our (quite large) extended family. Each person is assigned another person to buy a gift for and send it via the mail anonymously. We are all going to open our gifts together via Zoom, so we don't miss out on the joy! It's nice because this year we got to include the entire family, even the folks who aren't local who we don't usually see over the holidays." — Emma Glubiak, social media editor, The Spruce

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Or Host a Virtual "Secret Snowflake" Exchange

how we're spreading cheer this year - virtual gift exchange

Modern House Vibes

"This year, my friends and I are putting a virtual spin on our holiday tradition of Secret Snowflake gifting. We always use a site called Elfster, which helps us all draw names and set a dollar limit and date for the gift exchange. This year, I'll be sure to order a gift online and ship it directly to my chosen person, and we can have our reveal on Zoom with some cookies and cocktails." — Mia Ingui, editorial assistant

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Send Everyone a Special Treat

how we're spreading cheer - sending homemade treats

Half Baked Harvest

"I've been making the same pumpkin bread recipe for the holidays for years and at this point, I'm pretty much not allowed to show up to family gatherings without it. Since my family will be all over the country this year, I'm sending everyone a loaf, so we can all celebrate together no matter where we are." — Jamie Weissman, associate commerce editor

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