3 Ways to Stay Debt-Free Forever

Daniel Ally wrote a compelling piece for Entrepreneur in which he argued the following: “If you keep thinking about debt, you will attract it. However, if you think about wealth, you will attract it too. In short, you have to stop thinking about paying off your debts and think about earning wealth.” We like Ally’s positive thinking and pulled together our favorite three ways to seek wealth. Read on and start attracting luxury.

Seek wealthy friends. Surrounding yourself with highly successful friends is a great source of motivation. When you run with an aspirational crowd, you’re more likely to attain the lifestyle you want.

Visit expensive places. Just because you can’t afford luxury 24/7 doesn’t mean you can’t experience it as often as possible. Attend an open house for a multimillion-dollar mansion, test-drive a Maserati, or have dessert at a fancy hotel. Surrounding yourself with prosperity is a surefire path to monetary success. Entrepreneur magazine states that visiting wealthy places will cause you start asking yourself, “How can I get this?”

Daydream about wealth. Entrepreneur claims, “When you think about gaining money, you’ll be more creative. If you think about debts, you’ll die.” We might not take it that far, but daydreaming about your ideal lifestyle is a great way to motivate you to work hard to get it.

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