This Simple 90-Second Trick Stops My Anxiety in Its Tracks

When I first felt the wave of tension sweep over my body, I thought I was coming down with something, but this was different from the typical common cold symptoms. It was eerie. My body was unsteady, and I broke out in a light mist of sweat, which was strange because I felt cold and needed a jacket. My stomach was in knots too. It was so tight that I had difficulty breathing. I couldn't inhale deeply, no matter how hard I tried, which only made it worse. It wasn't until a week later when the ailments settled down that I realized I wasn't getting sick at all. (Well, not in the conventional way I was used to, anyway.) I'd suffered from a mild anxiety attack. And I'm not alone.

Anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in North America, affecting about a third of the population here. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, that's a whopping 40 million adults between the age of 18 and 54. In a recent survey, 41% of employees from a range of industries reported high levels of anxiety in the workplace. Since my anxiety is mild, I knew I could control it with some alternative therapy. Exercise and sleep also really help. But the most successful treatment I discovered came to me completely by accident.

I love to listen to educational podcasts on my commute to work, and on this day, in particular, I was drawn to the Tony Robbins interview on The Tim Ferriss Show. I'm not a crazy TR fan, and to be clear, I've never watched one of his shows or attended any of his seminars, but a friend had recommended I give this a listen, so I hit play. While there were definitely parts of the interview that didn't feel relatable to me, one section moved me to tears and quashed all my anxiety in an instant: the portion on the 90-second rule. This exercise is incredibly powerful, and I urge anyone with anxiety or stress to try it out. Read on to find out more and learn how to do it yourself.