Follow This Crazy-Simple Trick and You'll Never Be Late Again

Updated 10/12/18

If you’re constantly running for your bus as it pulls out of your stop, or, are walking full-pace to your next meeting, which technically started a few minutes prior, either you have too much on your plate, or you suffer from chronic lateness. Sure, in most cases this isn’t too catastrophic. Your friends can start brunch without you, and your colleagues don’t mind tinkering on their phones while waiting for the meeting to start, but realistically it’s not a productive habit to have, and one day, it could be detrimental to your career—imagine running late to an interview.

Many psychologists believe that the cause of chronic lateness could be due to “planning fallacy” a notion where those who are tardy consistently underestimate how long it takes to perform tasks. Let’s be honest the five-minute make-up routine you swear by, actually takes 15. According to Big Think, the reason we do this so often is due to “compound probabilities” where you correctly assess how long a sequence of events take, but you forget to take into account the external factors that can derail your time estimation—which let’s be honest, always happens.

So, to force yourself out of this habit, Inc. suggests actually timing your routine for a week, and analysing how long the task takes. The website also suggests the time-tracker app, ATracker, a very millennial way to keep track of your morning routine. After this, you’ll be able to reverse engineer the amount of time it takes you to get ready, and the truth is, you’re probably going to start waking up and leaving the house earlier. Sorry. We never said it would be easy. 


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