Dread Working Out? A Behavioral Psychologist Reveals How to Stop

Despite your "Fitspiration" Pinterest board and your arsenal of overpriced workout clothing, it's common to still dread working out more than taking a trip to the dentist. But according to Dan Ariely, author of Payoff and professor of psychology and behavioral economist at Duke University, you can change this by simply changing the way you think about the workout. More specifically, stop assuming that the endeavor will be terrible and that the only reason to go is to look like the toned women in your repins.

"When we think about running, it just seems like it's really going to be miserable and painful and unpleasant and so-on," Ariely explained to Business Insider. "But the fact is that once we're in the task, life changes. All of a sudden, we think less about the misery and we learn to enjoy things."

To make this mental shift, you must focus less on the extrinsic motivation (looking great) and more on the intrinsic value (having fun and relieving stress right now). He recommends simply putting "Work out!" on your calendar and trusting you'll enjoy it.

"The first few minutes are not going to be that pleasurable, and [you'll be] sitting there saying, 'Ugh, I have to do this,'" he explains. "But once [you] get going, things are going to get better."

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