A Step-by-Step Guide to Quit Worrying for Good

Stress develops when where you are in life differs from where you think you're supposed to be. And while it's a word we throw around with ease, research suggests it's not something to take lightly. When left unchecked, the Mayo Clinic found that living a high-stress lifestyle and adopting a worrisome mindset has been linked to a torrent of health issues including high blood pressure and heart disease

What's more, it's an issue that is especially prevalent in women. The Atlantic reviewed HR records from Hewlett-Packard and found that "women applied for a promotion only when they met 100% of the qualifications. Men applied when they met 50 percent," proving niggling self-doubt could be a major career hindrance. 

To combat stress and silence self-doubt, we searched for three simple changes to commit to making now, for a calm and confident future. Quash your inner critic, once and for all.