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8 Expert-Approved Tips to Help You Organize and Store Jewelry

Lovely white closet with jewelry storage.

Design: Kendall Wilkinson; Photo: Lisa Romerein 

Anyone with a large collection of baubles knows how easily chains can get tangled or earrings can get misplaced—but finding a stylish solution for storing favorite pieces often seems like too much of a hassle.

However, according to designers, there are many different ways to go about jewelry storage. Whether you’re itching to keep your gems on display or prefer that everything is neatly tucked out of sight, you truly can’t go wrong implementing any of the eight below methods in your space.

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Try a Stand

"When storing and organizing jewelry, I find necklaces are best to have hanging. Necklace stands that allow for this make storage easy to manage, and sifting through much more enjoyable—there are great ones for bracelets, too.” —Charli Hantman, owner of August Black Interior Design

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Grab a Hook

Organized necklaces on hooks.

Design: Liz Goldberg; Photo: Catherine Nguyen 

“We love displaying favorite necklaces on decorative hooks. We recently installed hooks spanning above a dresser in a large closet, and the necklaces are now the art. We always recommend tucking away smaller or more valuable pieces in a velvet-lined, shallow drawer.” —Liz Goldberg, founder and creative director at CAROLYNLEONA

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Opt for Acrylic

“I love using acrylic storage boxes for clients’ jewelry. Too often, I feel like I’m digging through my own jewelry drawer realizing how many things I forgot I even owned. I utilize acrylic so that all pieces are visible.” —McCall Dulkys, interior stylist at Interiors by McCall

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Display Items as Décor

“Unique family heirlooms and funky costume jewelry make for great décor to be displayed as around your closet or vanity.” —McCall Dulkys

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Use a Classic Jewelry Box

“For smaller items like earrings, this is where a jewelry box with cushioned slots comes in handy. This type of container keeps pieces in place and makes it easy to take them out, try on, and put back safely as needed. The best part about a jewelry box is that it can double as beautiful decor on a dresser or nightstand.” —Charli Hantman

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Create Your Own Boutique

Large closet with jewelry on display.

Design: Kendall Wilkinson; Photo: Paul Dyer

"One of our clients has an extensive jewelry collection, so we designed her master closet to feel like a boutique. We found these great miniature busts covered in a neutral fabric to showcase and store her pieces. We also customized her closet island to include two shallow pull-out drawers which are covered in off-white cloth and feature various sized compartments to hold earrings, bracelets, accessories, and watches. It is all very organized, and it makes her feel like she’s shopping in her own closet.” —Kendall Wilkinson, founder of Kendall Wilkinson Design 

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Incorporate a Pinboard or Mannequin

“I love jewelry and have lots of it. I wrapped a large cork board in fabric and hung my jewelry there on large pins. I have a cool sculpture of a hand mannequin—the kind used to display gloves in stores—on which I keep my bracelets and rings.” —Isabel Ladd, founder of Isabel Ladd Interiors 

“Try layering necklaces on a vintage dressmaker's form. If it’s cloth, which is likely the case, you can also hook earrings into the form. We even top these off with hats stacked on the top at the neck.” —Sara Queen, senior designer at Lisa Queen Design

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Use Flat Containers

“For both myself and our clients, I recommend keeping earrings in a flat container that has small compartments to keep pieces separated. If the containers stack, you can fit more in a drawer, while keeping your most-often used pairs of earrings in the top tiers. The same goes for bracelets, but obviously the compartments would be larger. As much as I love the clean look of white, I suggest going with a beige or gray container. These are still clean and neutral but don't show as much wear and tear.” —Michelle Lynne, president of ML Interiors Group