Sleep on This: 3 New Style Secrets for Your Bed

As they say, a new year calls for a new look. While we agree in certain circumstances, sometimes making sweeping changes is tough to do, not to mention costly. If you're looking for a fresh feeling in your bedroom, why not change the way you style your bed, rather than purchasing all new linens and accents? By loosening up, mixing in textures, or incorporating one of your trusty throws, you can easily breathe new life into your sleeping space.  header2
bed1 This one may be hard for our compulsively neat readers to grasp onto, but we are really gravitating toward to look of a perfectly "undone" bed. Whether its a wrinkled linen duvet or a thrown together pillow arrangement, the look is effortless (literally), yet chic. St. Barts Duvet Cover, $275, Rough Linen
bed2 If you've grown tired of your perfectly coordinated pillows or just need a little spice in your life, try working in new textiles in contrasting textures, patterns, and colors. Bring in throw pillows from your living room or add a printed quilt from a guest bedroom to mix and match the look of your bedding. If your headboard has got you down, drape a large scarf or new fabric over it to really infuse new life into your space. Mahal Quilt, From $70, Anthropologie
bed3 Sometimes the most impactful changes are the simplest. By adding a throw blanket to the side or foot of your bed, you easily inject new color, additional texture, and another warm layer to your tried and true textile scheme. Shop around your house or apartment for interesting colors, patterns, or textures that you think will work well with what you've already got. Cooper Bold Striped Blanket, $193, Ralph Lauren
What are your secrets to styling your bed? Let us know in the comments below! Photographs: Andrew Arthur and Justin Coit