Hide Your Remotes: How to Style Your Coffee Table Once and for All

Updated 12/21/18

In a perfect world, we'd all have immaculately styled coffee tables—ones with perfect monochrome stacks of fashion books, designer candles, and towering floral arrangements. Yes, in the age of Instagram, our innate determination to keep up with the Joneses has extended to the living room.

In the real world, however, our coffee tables better resemble a mashup of remotes, miscellaneous magazines, kids' toys, and other random objects. In everyday life, function takes precedence over form. So how do we strike a balance between stylish and manageable?

Today, we're showing you how to style a coffee table to be the centerpiece of your living room, no matter how you use your space.

How to Style a Coffee Table
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Start with a plant

A little greenery goes a long way. Start with an interesting plant or greenery arrangement to make your coffee table feel more organic and less staged. Larger sculptural succulents like pencil cactuses or branches like eucalyptus or cherry blossoms are great to anchor larger coffee tables.

How to Decorate a Coffee Table
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Play with varying shapes

Round coffee tables can be a little tricky. Generally, they look their best when items are arranged in a triangular shape: a stack of books, a tray, and a bowl, for example. Too many square or rectangular items can also make a round surface feel a little off. Playing with a variety of geometric shapes, from circles to hexagons, will help the surface feel more dynamic.

Coffee Table Styling
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Divide and conquer

On square coffee tables, try dividing the surface into quadrants and displaying an arrangement of four main items: a stack of books, a tall plant, a tray, or a collection of bowls, for example. This grid will help your coffee table feel organized and dynamic at the same time. Move items around the four quadrants until you reach the best display.

Coffee Table Decorating
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Layer personal objects

Add decorative objects on top of your stack of books—vases, candleholders, or other interesting finds will give your surface a more dynamic and interesting feel. It will also create height where things might otherwise feel a little flat.

How to Organize a Coffee Table
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Use trays to organize

Use trays and boxes to keep all your essentials organized. This could include remotes, matchboxes for your candles, coasters, or any other small items you like to keep handy on your coffee table but that might otherwise feel out of place or not hold enough weight on their own.

Coffee Table Styling Tips
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Stack your books

Go the minimalistic route and display only a collection of your favorite coffee table books—no fuss needed. This can feel especially impactful if you have a bold or colorful coffee table or if your books are color-coded or carry a specific theme. Typically, stacks of two to four books work best.

Coffee Table Decorating Tips
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Throw in unexpected objects

Do you have family memories or souvenirs you want to display? While we tend to save those types of objects for bookcases or console tables, the interesting objects can actually have more impact on a coffee table, where people congregate, so don't be afraid of throwing in a few unexpected items—especially ones with interesting backstories.

Coffee Table Organizing Tips
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Layer with floor cushions

Embrace the Scandinavian hygge philosophy and layer the space around your coffee table with floor cushions to encourage people to gather around and make your space feel extra cozy. This is an especially good trick if you have small children or pets or if you love hosting friends for game night. Your living room will instantly look more inviting.

Coffee Table Styling Advice
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Display a collection

Do you collect antique silver boxes, busts, bowls, or other interesting objects? Let your coffee table be a display for your most prized collections. Repetition is a known trick of the trade, so use it to your advantage and display similar items in large numbers.

Coffee Table Decorating Advice
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Play with scale

One mistake that people often make with their coffee table is displaying too many objects of similar sizes. Breaking up the surface with a comparatively large object can do wonders for the overall feel of your room—try displaying an oversize vase with tall branches or a large bowl to give your space a more dynamic look.

Coffee Table Organizing Advice
Courtesy of Catherine Kwong

Consider its function

Above all else, consider how you use your coffee table before you choose how to style it. Do you typically put down your drink when watching TV? Do you love to play board games? Do you lounge around reading books and magazines on weekends? The best coffee tables may be expertly styled, but they aren't functional if they don't serve the purpose that their owners need them for.

How do you envision your own coffee table display?

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