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A Bistro Table Is the Versatile Item Your Home May Be Missing

Marble bistro table in front entryway.

Anna Page

Bistro tables are for far more than just the dining nook. In the time I’ve owned my marble bistro table from World Market, I’ve used it as a petite workstation in my former attic bedroom and then outside on my screen porch—the setup makes sipping post-work wine feel extremely Parisian. 

But, the possibilities don’t stop there. I’ve started to spot similar marble bistro tables in all rooms of the home. Whether you’re in the market for a small vanity or are looking to jazz up your entryway, you can’t go wrong by imitating any of the below setups.

Turn It Into a Vanity

Instagrammer Carly Fuller is known for cleverly maximizing her NYC apartment’s limited square footage. In her bedroom, she chose to position her marble bistro table by the window and use it as a station to apply makeup.

With the addition of a cute chair and chic pendant light, the setup looks stunning while remaining extremely small space-friendly. We love how Fuller creatively turned the top of her radiator into a functional storage spot, too.

Small Marble Bistro table in corner.

Carly Fuller

House Your Bathroom Décor

Blogger Anna Page has moved her marble bistro table all over her apartment. It’s been stationed everywhere from her bathroom to her entryway, proving its versatility.

Its black and white hue makes the piece adaptable to a number of existing color schemes and aesthetics—it complements Page’s pink bathroom walls just as well as it goes with her more neutral hallway décor. 

Small bistro table holding decor in bathroom.

Anna Page

Use as a Writing Station

Page also used her table as a writing desk in her bedroom, adding major Carrie Bradshaw vibes to her space. Those who don’t find themselves needing space for more than a laptop and coffee mug while working yet prefer a hard, upright surface will appreciate such a setup. The key is to keep accessories and decor to a minimum to allow the table to serve its functional purpose. 

Blogger Anna Page eating breakfast on marble bistro table.

Anna Page

Whether you opt to purchase a new bistro table or go the vintage route, you can’t go wrong. Timeless, functional, and multifunctional pieces like these are always a worthwhile investment.