How to Style a Leather Couch

Coco Republic

Winter trends are one thing, but if you consider yourself more of an "interior-essentialist" and are looking to create a timeless home that embodies a dateless aesthetic no matter the season, Coco Republic stylist Leah Maidment shares that it could come down to one simple item: The humble leather couch.

“Leather is timeless, enhanced by the fact it usually gets better and better with age. It's also an incredibly versatile, natural material that can be incorporated into various spaces. The right piece will wear beautifully like your much-loved leather jacket or pair of boots.” Just like a go-to leather jacket, the beauty of a leather couch is that as it ages with you and your family, and therefore gradually becomes a memorable item—as opposed to an eye-sore that needs constant cleaning.

Not only does leather nod to vintage style, but it also serves as a mid-century modern relic. If you’re on the hunt for one yourself, Maidment recommends Coco Republic’s Vittoria Sofa, “the Vittoria Sofa features clean lines and a low, comfortable sit to suit various interior styles.”

Coco Republic Vittoria Sofa $1885

When it comes to styling the couch, during the colder months Maidment suggests juxtaposing leather with softer fabrics and lush textiles in order to encapsulate the idea of rest and recuperation. “The easiest way to style a classic leather sofa would be switching out your lighter linen or cotton throw blankets and pillows for more luxurious options like cashmere or wool blends, which lend themselves to keeping you warm as the temperature drops outside.” Maidment also adds that a sheepskin or reindeer hide is great way to add texture to your leather sofa. 

Miss Amara Cow Hide Rug $656

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