4 Style Tips We Learnt From 1 of Australia's Fastest Growing Influencers

Updated 10/19/18

It's no secret that we love following influencers. But more than their perfectly pretty Instagram shots, our biggest takeaway from these stylish folk is their ability to not only curate their feeds but also their closets and homes. Case in point: Jasmine Dowling.

Starting off as a budding illustrator and graphic designer, the triple threat (she styles, designs, and has a business) has managed to create a strong brand around herself and her work, and while we originally came to her for beautiful calligraphy and inspiring prints, now, we are constantly looking at how she styles her space with a signature flare. 

See below for the four styling lessons we've learnt from Dowling's feed, and to shop similar products below. 

refine your colour palette

What makes Dowling's space so unified is her choice of colours. Dusty pink, military green, and bright yellow permeate most of her styling, from bed sheets to plates, and even her flower choices.

have a clear purpose for every section

One thing's for sure, Dowling uses her environment wisely. Every corner serves a purpose, whether it's an inspiration nook filled with inspiring tomes and magazine cut-outs, or her work space (which is the perfect oasis for getting work done), each section having a distinct and clear function. 

you can never have too much greenery

We've long known the benefits of indoor plants, which is why we're not surprised to see greenery feature in so many of Dowling's shots. What we love is how she strategically places them close to often-visited places like the bed, closest, and work desk. 

storage doesn't have to be boring

As hard as we try to lead a minimal lifestyle, the truth is, we can't deny ourselves to a few coveted items. Instead of hiding her trinkets, Dowling layers trays and trinkets to actually make them a focal point and fill blank spaces. 

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Opening image: Jasmine Dowling

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