Ask Estee: How Should I Style My Throw Blankets?

 _promo (16) Q. What's the best way to style my throw blankets without it looking messy? Throw blankets are a great way to incorporate color, pattern, texture, and style into your decor. Whether it's a light cotton throw during the spring or summer months, or a heavier cashmere or wool blanket for those chillier seasons, they serve both form and function in a space. Often times though, many of my clients have trouble styling them. Do you toss it, drape it, tuck it, or just keep it out of sight? Think of a throw blanket like you would an accessory to an outfit. It's meant to compliment your style and complete the overall look. Accounting for the material of your blanket and the look you want to convey, opt for either a casual drape or a structured fold.
Effortless Elegance: I love a more casual approach to styling a throw blanket. Simply drape it on the edge of your bed or the arm of a sofa for that "easy chic" look. Great for families where kids will be constantly using them, draping a throw takes seconds and still looks stylish. Structured Style: If you'd like something a little cleaner looking, try folding the blanket lengthwise and placing it down the center of an accent chair with a throw pillow placed on top of it. This can help inject a sophisticated stripe of color and also lend some layered appeal. Work with What You've Got: It's important to note that styling a throw blanket heavily depends on the blanket's fabric. Light cotton, linen or chenille throws can be draped or neatly folded on furniture as you see fit. When it comes to plusher, thicker fabrics such as faux fur or heavy cashmere, I prefer to drape those with less structure or folding. The thickness and density of the fabric doesn't easily lend itself to folding, and can appear too chunky or bulky. What's your favorite material for a cozy throw? Let me know in the comments below! estee-signature-layout Photograph: Andrew Arthur, Interior Design by MMR Interiors