The #1 Styling Trick to Make Your Bedroom Look More Luxe

How to Make
Amy Bartlam ; DESIGN : Veneer Designs

Though household chores are notoriously tedious, the payoff is usually worth it. And out of all the tasks on that dreaded chore chart, making your bed is probably the most pleasant since it only takes a few seconds. Plus, a freshly made bed creates a more calming, clutter-free environment, which is a bedroom essential. There are also a few other benefits that are purely cosmetic. Think fluffy duvets, crisp sheets, and a collection of well-styled throw pillows for an artfully undone aesthetic that makes the entire room look more put-together.

Whether you want to get into the habit of making your bed or you already do it daily, we suggest watching this video from Lulu & Georgia to find out how to style it, too. Joyce Downing Pickens of Los Angeles design firm JDP Interiors walks us through her easy but far-reaching styling tips for a photo-ready and sleep-friendly bed. The best news is you can simply use the bedding you already have; just add throw pillows! See how Pickens does it in the video below. 

We're curious, do you make your bed every morning? Let us know why or why not in the comment section below. 

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