We Break It Down: How to Support Someone With Depression

Today, we're tackling a particularly difficult topic: how to support someone with depression. Just as every person is different, every person coping with depression is different and handles it in their own way too. Regardless of whether or not you're new to handling this type of situation, there are definitely some things you shouldn't say to a person battling depression—like "you're fine" or "things will get better," for example.

At the time, someone coping with this mental illness might feel like they're in a downward spiral. They may even be often blaming themselves for not knowing how to feel better, even though it's beyond their control. "Many of the things we do for someone with depression fall short," says David Sabine, a clinical psychologist. But it's not that you're doing anything wrong, per se: It can just be hard for the person suffering from depression to acknowledge that you're helping in any way. And the fact of the matter is that sometimes, you really can't change the way that person feels. Regardless, it's important to learn how to support someone with depression.

Keep reading to see how you can be there for your friend or loved one until they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.