How to Take Advantage of the Extra Sunlight When Daylight Savings Hits

As winter recedes and spring finally emerges with its sun-kissed air and sunny disposition, we also welcome the lighter (and longer) days, thanks to daylight saving time. But we have to ask, what will you do with that extra hour of sunlight? In our new series The 25th Hour, we’ll explore the various activities and hobbies you can do to maximize that additional 60 minutes of free time. From self-care habits to organizational tips (for both work and home), new hobbies to adopt and meal-prep how-tos, these ideas will not only entertain but potentially streamline your life too. 


It’s that time of year again. Starting Sunday, March 12, the clocks will spring forward by one hour and the biannual sleep pattern disturbance will commence. We jest, we jest—this is actually the good daylight saving time, the one where you reap an extra hour of sunlight in your evenings that signals the coming of warm weather and dusky summer sunsets. It also means that your day won’t feel like a done deal by the time you get out of work. Don’t let that extra hour of sunlight go to waste—use it to your advantage. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in an hour. Keep reading for five ways you can make use of the extra sunlight after daylight saving time.

Curious to know what daylight saving time has to to with your health? Keep reading to find out how an hour can affect your internal clock.