How to Talk Money With Friends (the Polite Way)


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Create & Cultivate is an online community and creative conference that serves up serious boss-piration (like MyDomaine’s own co-founders, Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr) to female entrepreneurs looking to revolutionize the digital landscape. So who better to tap for intel about the practices of successful women than Create & Cultivate’s editorial director, Arianna Schioldager?

“Do you mind if I ask… ?” These are six little words that almost always preface questions about money, especially among female friends. “Do you mind if I ask how much that cost?” “Do you mind if I ask how much your rent is?” “Do you mind if I ask how much you make?”

Women have traditionally shied away from discussing personal finances, instead choosing to tiptoe rather clumsily around these conversations. But like anything else, if we don’t talk about it, we won’t get good at it. From asking for a raise to investing in a 401(k), there is plenty of good advice to be gleaned from your friend group.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to broach money talk with friends.

Do you talk about money with your friends? Tell us how you feel about this traditionally tight-lipped subject.